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Forgiveness Movie Poster


PRODUCED AND DIRECTED by John Patrick Tomasek

Michael and Christine have recently lost their Mother Helen. Their estranged father Sam has come back to try and mend his relationship with his grown up daughter and son.
Michael struggles with forgiving their estranged father Sam while trying to mend his relationship with his once close sister Christine.
All three soon discover that they cannot accept the future without first coming to terms with their past.

Forgiveness: Trailer

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Walt SloanSam Niko A. Stavropoulos
Marc EdwardsMichael Alicia Souvannasane
Lillian LamourChristine Shane C. Lindholm
Alicia SouvannasaneNurse Jane
Tony Lee GratzParamedic Tony


Jan' Nita CaineParamedic Ann Reuben Lewy    Randy Rosenthal
Harold DennisOfficer Ben William Marsh III
Kristin WilsonHelen (Mother)
Ariana TomasekYoung Christine


Dominick ArturiYoung Michael Ed Riordan      Angela Picazo Friis
Danny Sebek      Anthony Andaleon
Jaymie Craig-Wilson      David Roberts
Bob Dauber      Marlene Dauber

The Just Movie Poster

The Just

What if King Arthur had not returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake?

In the last battles of the revolutionary war, during the last bloody skirmish, a British Redcoat Captain is ordered to bury an unusual sword deep in the woods...It's is lost and forgotten.
Present day...Chicago Detective Jake Evans, while investigating a homicide that implicates 2 corrupt police detectives, is having increased visions of a British Captain burying a sword more than 200 years prior.
Is he losing his mind or discovering the whereabouts of Excalibur and unlocking an incredible mystery?



Tony Lee GratzDetective Evans John Patrick Tomasek
Jerry LynchDetective Williams Niko A. Stavropoulos
Michele WoodDetective Jensen Ron Kelly
Jim NiecieckiDetective Porter Shane C. Lindholm
Sheri SavageVeronica
Marc EdwardsMike
Walt SloanBritish General
Mel RobersonWillie
Jeannette DiGiovineIAD #1


Marc ArturiIAD #2 Ed Riordan
Anita Nicole BrownDetective Jane Michele Wood
Mike TapavicaBritish Captain John Lobert
John Patrick TomasekBritish Lieutenant Joel Oyola
Elizabeth MaryHooker
Peter TangSgt in Cell
John LobertSgt standing in Cell
Jay DelarosaTactical Officer
Joel OyolaUniformed Officer
Ed RiordanDesk Sgt. O'Malley
Greg ReynoldsDesk Sgt. Connor
Sharon WilkUniformed Officer

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