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Predators Game

PREDATORS GAME is a feature-length Crime Thriller set in Chicago, currently in development.

The lives of a Chicago outfit Hitman and a serial killer with an obsession for beautiful women he wants to make perfect, become intimately and surprisingly intertwined. FBI profiler, Dr. Karen Carmichael, joins forces with lead Detective John Burke, who is tasked with putting a stop to the murderous havoc of this dangerous Predator.

The Hitman’s life is changed forever as the serial killer manipulates events in his life which sets him on a rampage of carnage in search for this unlikely opponent. Time is running out for Detective Burke and Dr. Karen Carmichael as they seek this Predator who is playing a deadly life and death game with all of their lives.

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Director: John Patrick Tomasek

Cinematography: Shane Lindholm & Anthony Andaleon

Producers: John P. Tomasek, Shane Lindholm & Niko A. Stavropoulos.

Co-Producers: Ed Riordan & Michele Wood.

Composer: Stephen Tammearu

Predators Game Movie Poster

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